Madaris Investment Group

Madaris Investment Group is an independent financial services company. Here your needs as our client come first. Some clients are looking at ways to have more money left at the end of the month, some clients want to invest the extra money they have less expensively and more productively than they have in the past, some clients want to ensure they are saving properly for retirement, some clients want to know if it is time to retire now or if they need to wait and save more for retirement, some clients want to save money for education for themselves or a loved-one, and some clients want to make sure that what they have saved during their lives passes to their heirs as efficiently as possible and in the least tax-burdened manner. Client needs change over their lifetime, and we can handle the needs listed above as well as other financial needs. Again, by keeping your needs first, we only recommend products and services appropriate for your needs.

We first get to know our clients and their needs. We then analyze where a client currently stands in addressing a given need, and at that point, we can determine what strategies need to be put in place to address the client’s needs. Our relationship tends to be ongoing so that together we can put strategies in place to address your needs and monitor those strategies to make sure they are addressing your needs. Lastly, we continuously determine what needs you have and if your needs have changed. When your needs do change, we can put a new strategy in place and monitor it to ensure that the new strategy is meeting your new need.